by Teoman Soygul on January 19, 2014

NBusy Logo NBusy (nbusy.com) is a social networking platform full with inspirational ideas. This is something that I started as a learning experience and it is still an ongoing project, while the first version is written with .NET and C#. Using ASP.NET Web API as the RESTful backend and the Bootstrap/jQuery/ASP.NET MVC goodness as the frontend, this project sits on solid foundation (although prototyping efforts with Node.js and AngularJS is afoot). SignalR provides the real-time updates between users (pure owesomeness!). Finally, the Android and iOS client apps have been built with Xamarin, with massive code reuse between all platforms. As always, the .NET client SDK is open-sourced and is hosted at GitHub.

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Cryptzone Platform

by Teoman Soygul on July 11, 2013

Unified Platform for all Cryptzone Products, on the Cloud

Cryptzone Platform OverviewCryptzone Platform (www.czplatform.com) project is the reimagining of a 10 year old tradition at Cryptzone. Built on top of .NET Framework 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC & Web API, this project aims to create a unified and cloud based product line. Until now, Cryptzone was made up of discrete product families acquired through various mergers and acquisitions. With this project, we’re trying to unify the company’s product portfolio once again, sharing a common API and a front-end, and all hosted on the cloud. I say ‘once again’ as this is not the first time this was done. SEP (Simple Encryption Platform) was the company’s first successful platform implementation, merging Secured eMail & eDevice line of products. Since the initiators of this project left the company, it’s now up to me to lead the project and establish the cooperation between discrete product teams to realize this dream of merging the rest of the products, as much as the technology permits.

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Cryptzone Columbus – Application Control & Whitelisting

by Teoman Soygul on January 7, 2012

A Brand-new Application Control and Whitelisting Solution.. code named Columbus

At Cryptzone AB, I was initially involved in a project code named Columbus. With a team of five, 2 for kernel driver, 2 for management server, I was in charge of developing the client agent ground up. This agent, as you will see, provides application control and whitelisting capabilities to the installed computer. With remote management features, this is a new product targeted at enterprise markets with unmatched features, thanks to extensive use of .NET Framework, in both the client agent and the management server. It has a state of the art 4-tier architecture with a Windows service which enforces computer security policies, and 3 different user interfaces; GUI, CLI (Console), and PowerShell to interact with the service via IPC, thanks to the utilization of MVC architecture. It also uses the most current technologies ranging from Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0, Entity Framework 4.2, SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) 4.0, to tools like Ninject (for DI), NUnit + Moq (for TDD), and countless more. With heavy emphasis on SOLID principles, this project marks a milestone for Cryptzone, and for me. Read on to learn more about the solid architecture and technology of this great new project.

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NBug – Automated Bug Reporting for .NET

July 1, 2011

NBug is an open-source .NET library created to automate the bug reporting process. It automatically catches all the unhandled exceptions and selectively sends bug reports, crash reports with memory minidumps, error/exception reports with stack trace and additional system information. It can also be set up as a user feedback system (i.e. for user feature requests). I have […]

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EPICS .NET – Open-Source Distributed Control & Computing Library

February 15, 2011

EPICS .NET is the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System toolkit for .NET Framework 4.0 and above. It is an open-source, distributed control and computing library (source code at CodePlex) that I have developed during my work as the lead developer of T.A.C. control & computing systems. Written in C#, this control toolkit consists of three sub […]

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Turkish Accelerator Center – Distributed Control Systems Architecture

December 12, 2010

The Complete Control System Architecture of Turkish Accelerator Center IR-FEL Project During my time at Turkish (Particle) Accelerator Center, I was in charge of control systems at IR-FEL facility, designing, developing, and deploying control systems software and infrastructure. As the lead and sole developer fully in charge of the control systems at this facility, I had […]

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TOBB Digital Content Management Platform

October 22, 2009

After sponsoring my diploma thesis project, TOBB also accepted me for ’09 summer internship program. During this summer program, I was given the task to design a server cluster to serve ~5000 requests per second for their new digital content management platform (which was actually based on Joomla CMS). After doing a throughout requirements analysis, […]

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